KS3 – Years 7, 8 and 9   

Year 7

Careers education is not a priority in Year 7 as our PSHCE provision concentrates on settling students into the school.   However, they do receive one hour long presentation, designed by Prospects.    

Year 8

Students are introduced to the world of work through the Careers Guidance Website programme called Fast Tomato   Each form group has an hour’s lesson in which they complete 4 questionnaires that will provide a profile to help them understand how their attributes might influence their career and subject choices.   It has over 600 different career options.  

Students are also given taster insights into the many different career paths through the Enrichment Programme:  

  • Dragons’ Den activity which involves entrepreneurial skills and a visit to the Harry Potter Studios this involves looking into the media profession and also production skills required
  • Maths Challenge
  • Fast Tomato session (1 hour) this is an introduction to various career paths
  • Play the “Real Game” in the summer term – this is a game taught across 6 lessons which puts them on a career path and teaches them about various other careers in the community.
  • Opportunity to be on “Magistrates’ Mock Trial” team, where they act out a trail in a real Magistrates’ Court.  

Year 9

Year 9 begin their work related learning programme and take part in the government backed “Take your Daughters to Work Day”.  Students spend the day with either of their parents at their place of work and gain their first insight  into the world of work.

  • Students are also given opportunities to participate and gain insight into the world of work through the volunteering section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  
  • Enrichment days provide other opportunities  - in the Spring term -  students take part in Forensic Science Day  
  • Careers Fair – a school run event, where local businesses employers, apprenticeship providers and as many professions that we can involve are available to talk to students and their parents about their profession.   Alongside this we hold workshops where students can talk in depth to a professional about his career.  
  • Have the opportunity to be on “Magistrates’ Mock Trial” team, where they act out a trial in a real Magistrates’ court